Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful blend of dance, acrobatics and use of apparatus. Class focuses on building strength, flexibility, grace, and hand-eye coordination. We start with a warm-up and back and leg flexibility exercises. Acrobatics are taught as well as learning how to use the ball, rope, hoop, ribbon. A challenging, yet truly incredible sport that pushes your child to the next level and is a wonderful compliment to dance!


Rhythmic MiNis (2-4yrs)

Learn how to follow along to a warm up, stretch your legs and toes and play with the apparatus ball, hoop and ribbon! A great way to build hand-eye coordination and get an introduction to this beautiful sport.


Rhythmic Tots (4-7yrs)

Our Introductory level in the program, we progress into a full warm-up that develops both leg and back flexibility as well as core strength. Acrobatics are introduced with an emphasis of proper technique.  We also continue to learn basic apparatus skills with the ball, hoop, rope and ribbon. Gymnasts learn short choreography for the winter and end of year showcases.


Beginner 1 & 2 Level

The Beginner level builds on the foundations taught in the ToTs program and continues to focus on developing and increasing flexibility and core strength. We work on rhythmic dance steps that are then used in choreography for our shows and build on our acrobatics as well. Gymnasts continue learning new skills with the apparatus and are challenged when the body skills are combined with apparatus skills.


Intermediate Level

Our Intermediate level is an accelerated program and gymnasts meet twice a week (Tuesdays at 4:30pm-6pm and Sundays at 11am-2pm) to further increase their skills. Gymnasts are introduced to clubs and also learn solo routines with the option to compete in Level 5 at State Competitions (additional fees involved) At this level, they are more proficient in their macro skills and have more strength and flexibility and continue to work on skills like jumps and turns as well as balance and body difficulties. An exciting level!

Advanced Level.jpg

Advance Level

The advanced level is for our most experienced gymnasts. The focus is on developing and maintaining flexibility, core strength and creating an artistic presence when performing. Gymnasts become proficient in skills with all 5 apparatus and learn solo as well as group routines with each. Gymnasts are encouraged to take ballet classes as well to help develop more strength and control as well as poise and grace. Competition in Level 5 and 6 is also an option in this level as well as many performance opportunities


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