All tuition will be automatically charged monthly on the 1st of the month unless the the option of paying per session or annually has been selected.

Any unpaid tuition after 5 days will have a $25 late fee added to the account. Tuition that has been left unpaid for more than 7 days will result in your child not being able to participate in class unless the account is brought up to date. 

If a class needs to be dropped for any reason, written notice to the office via email must be given by the 20th of the month for the account not to be charged for the following month’s tuition.

Monthly Tuition:

Classes per week Tuition
1 $80
1.5 $118
2 $148
2.5 $175
3 $200
3.5 $225
4 $255
4.5 $268
5 $290
5.5 $315
6 $340
7+ $380


$40/dancer (at time of registration)

2nd child is $20

$60 family Maximum Fee**

*Please not that there is an annual membership fee of $35 per dancer ($55 family max) charged once a year in September.


Rhythmic Gymnastics Tuition

Level Tuition
ToTs $100/month (Based on a 4 week month)
Beginner 1 & 2 $129/month (Based on a 4 week month)
Intermediate $129/month (Based on a 4 week month)
Advanced $129/month (Based on a 4 week month)

*Sibling discount 5% off of sibling tuition
**Second class discount 10% off of second class ( not available for Intermediate/ Adv levels due to additional hours of free training.)